Dear Future Me, …

It’s April 26th, 2019. I hope you’re doing well as you read this, not just well as in your physical health, but also your spiritual and emotional health. If you’re not well in all those areas then girl, no shame or judgment here, but take a break and work on you. It’s important that you’re doing fine and not just “ok”. We’ve talked about this already so you know my stance on “ok”. I also hope you’ve grown much more and have learned about who you truly are.

Future Me, are you all right? Have you decided what whole looks like? Have you found some examples of whole you can learn from? I really hope so. If not, then at least I hope you’ve continued to read and watch videos that are motivational and that can help you be your best you. Tell me girl, what does your life look like now. How does it compare to the day I wrote this? Are you still procrastinating? I know you can work under pressure and produce really good results comparable to or even better than had you done the tasks ahead of time. But you know that the goal is to see if you can keep your joy since apparently procrastination steals joy.

Me, I hope you’re doing well in your job and have been learning to maintain that stability you were after. How are your savings looking and what about your financial management skills? Lisa Nichols was saying making money is different from keeping it and growing it. Something like that but in essence it was that you need different skills for each part. Let me ask you this while we’re talking money, how are your hands? Have you been helping others? When was the last time you did something special for yourself?

Me, do you remember how you wanted to travel a bit? Have you? I know you’ve been putting a few things off because you were thinking it’d be better to go or do them with someone else. True, some trips and other things are more enjoyable with others than solo but please don’t deprive yourself of the chances and opportunities simply out of fear. You are brave, talented, beautiful and loved. Sure you’re different and you do silly things sometimes and shy away from certain opportunities but I know you have a good heart and you do make an effort.

I’m proud of you girl. I’m happy for who you are today as you reflect a bit on your life and who you have become when you next read this. Girl, you’ve known for a while that you’re special and was made for greatness. Lisa Nichols reminded you of that today. You are blessed. God has great plans for your life so stop second guessing yourself. Please remember to forgive yourself for each time you fail to be your true you, engaged in self-sabotage, do something stupid, or simply miss the mark. Remember it’s not so much about what others think of you but more about what you think of you, what God thinks of you. He has great thoughts about you. You’re not a mistake or a surprise to Him. You’re His special little girl.

Continue to pray and seek God and let Him lead you. Baby girl, trust the process. Don’t hide from your purpose. I know I don’t say it a lot because I still have to work on it, but baby girl, I love you, always have and always will. Take care of yourself. Enjoy the adventures of life. Don’t shy away because the road looks scary. Mistakes are fine so long as that’s what they were. Live a little, laugh a lot, learn the lessons, share the blessings, find your you.

Later Chile

6 thoughts on “Dear Future Me, …

      1. I applaud your courage in making it public. Honestly, the most valuable thing we can share with others is our own vulnerability and honesty. Thank you for this post! It helped me, and I am quite sure it helped others too!

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